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Morin Family Child Care


I believe guidance and discipline are the important objective of my care, it is to help our children develop self-discipline and inner control over their actions.  I want to be loving, accepting and supportive of all children in my care.  Corporal punishment is prohibited at all times and under all circumstances. 
*If the child's behavior is dangerous to him/her or to other people, the child will be separated from the group and allow him/her to calm down until he/she feels ready to rejoin the activity.


First and foremost, I believe that children learn through playtime experiences.  To learn, a child's "playroom" environment must be adequately equipped with enriching materials for them to explore.  This includes, but is not limited to, art and writing materials, blocks and other math manipulatives, books, dramatic play, and music.  Also, children must be provided with adequate time outdoors, in order to enhance their physical development and gross motor skills.

Toilet Training

I believe that potty training is an important milestone for toddlers and young preschoolers. The process of learning to recognize when they have to go, getting to the bathroom on time, unfastening clothes, wiping, refastening clothes, flushing and washing hands is quite long. This is not a simple process. It takes a lot of patience on the part of everyone involved - parent, teachers and most importantly, the children.

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