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Morin Family Child Care

We begin with age-appropriate environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore. Books and blocks. Puppets and paper. Toys and tambourines. You name it. There are sticks for counting, seeds for planting and places for exploring. If you're a young child, you'll find an endless assortment of activities that engage your interest and stimulate your mind.


Basic skills: number, letters, shapes and color activities expressiong
Language taught: Basic sign language, Tagalog (Filipino), Chinese and Spanish.

Music and Rhythm: story time, circle time and share day

We also introduce the children to Multiculturalism experiences and activities.

Holiday activities are non-religious and are based on kid forms such Santa, Easter Bunny etc.


We work on the following: Remember that most of these activities can be achieved through play.

PHYSICAL: Fine motor skills, Gross Motor skills, Sensory Experiences (most are in developed play)   

COGNITIVE: Language experiences, listening skills, thinking skills, space, time classification seriation, math, patterning, measurement graphing knowledge.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL SKILLS:    Self- esteem, interaction with others, cooperation, problem solving, making choices and following directions.  

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